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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products handmade?

Mostly. We started out hand making every aspect of our products except for the printed circuit boards, powder coating and screen printing. However in an effort to meet demand we decided to get all our surface-mount component placement done by a local pick-and-place service. From then on our product text "Handmade in New Zealand" was replaced with "Crafted in New Zealand". But aside from that all our other components are hand-soldered, wiring is done by hand, assembly is done by hand, testing is done by hand (and ear), cleaning and packaging is done by hand. A lot of hand work and a lot of care goes into each product.


Do you have plans to bring out a full family of effects pedals?

Probably not. We are only interested in creating exciting and new products. So if we can't innovate on a particular kind of effect or bring something special to the market we probably won't design one. But we do have plenty of great ideas to draw on for our future products.


Are you planning on providing presets for a future version of the Liquid Ambience?

Unfortunately the platform of the Liquid Ambience doesn't lend itself to adding presets.


Are you planning on adding MIDI to the Liquid Ambience?

Like preset support, the design doesn't lend itself to adding MIDI unfortunately.


What are the pedal dimensions?

All our products have the same dimensions: 4.7" wide x 3.7" front-to-back (120mm x 94mm).

Can I pre-order / reserve a pedal?

We are now accepting pre-orders for Liquid Ambience and Liquid Tremolo. Please get in touch to pre-order.


Do you do Artist endorsements?

Generally no. We get asked this a lot and we feel that those who have a big enough name to promote us generally don't need free product or special pricing. Here's an interesting article from 60 Cycle Hum about Sponsorship.

How much does shipping cost (in USD)?

We use a courier service with tracking...

- Within New Zealand: free

- Australia: $20

- USA & Canada: $35

- UK & EU: $35

- Most other countries: $35

- Some exceptions that require Express service: $60 (EG Israel, Argentina, Chile, Cyprus)


Are you willing to declare shipped items at a reduced value for Customs?

While we are aware that some Customs charges are fairly hefty, doing this would be in breach of the law.


Do you have any dealers in my country?

At present we are a small-batch operation and only sell direct and through our partner Signal Chain in Australia.


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