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Slipstream Delay

Analog Stereo Tap-tempo Delay


All the charm and quirks of vintage bucket brigade technology wrapped in an exquisite layer of modern and intuitive control

Slipstream Analog Delay
Slipstream Analog Delay
Slipstream Analog Delay

Possibly the most advanced analog delay on the market, Slipstream packs in an extraordinary amount of features and sounds...

Delay ranges & modes

Manual mode, Tapsync mode

  50 - 550 ms of true stereo in & out

550 - 1100 ms of true stereo at lofi bandwidths

Stereo fields

• Isolated

• Drift to center

• Monoized

• Bounce around center

• Ping pong

Slip (Modulation)

Sinewave profile provides a lush modulation layer and vibrato-like effects, with Width and Rate controls. There is also a bonus mode!

Asymmetrical Tilt-EQ tone control

Makes your repeats successively darker to melt into the mix or successively brighter to cut through the mix.

Tap Tempo & sub-divisions
• Quarter note

• 8th note

• 8th Triplet

• Dotted 8th

• Quarter Triplet

Tap Tempo automatically switches to

LoFi Extend mode for long tap times

Assignable Expression input

Assign expression on-the-fly to any of the following parameters...

• Time

• Decay

• Wet Level

• Tone

• Slip Width

• Slip Rate


• MIDI "beat" clock enabled

• Presets

• Parameter control

All MIDI electronics are on-board - no external box needed, just a small interface cable that comes with the pedal.

Multiple Heads (like a tape delay)

Three sub-heads are spaced at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the delay time. Each sub-head's L & R signals are mono-summed and fed to a level control. Sub-heads give you patterns, accents, pseudo-reverb and multiple layers of modulation.


40 Presets in total

First 5 can be accessed directly without MIDI

Simple to save, simple to engage

Other goodies

• Self-oscillation by holding Tapsync button

• Internal "Killdry" switch to run a wet-only rig

• Sync in/out capability

• True bypass or buffered bypass with trails

Misc details

• Industry standard 9VDC center-negative

• 100mA current draw

• 120 x 95mm (4.75" x 3.75") footprint - same as our other pedals

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