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Liquid Tremolo

​​Premium stereo analog tremolo with tap-tempo and MIDI

The Liquid Tremolo delivers luscious and organic waves giving warm and thick movement to your tone.  From strong and powerful throbs to delicate flutters and shimmers, the results are tonally transparent and free of unwanted impurities, and all in perfect synchronicity!

Read on to discover the Liquid Tremolo’s amazing feature set…


Get your tremolo pulse in time with the music by tapping twice or more on the TAPSYNC button. Select a multiplier (1,2,3,4,5 or 6) to increase the speed by exact multiples of the tap rate. Set to 3 for triplets, 4 for 16ths or even 5 for something a little more unique! Now you have easy control of the speed in relation to the time signature. Changing the multiplier updates the tremolo speed on-the-fly. Tap detection ranges from 250 ms to 2 secs; when combined with the range of multipliers to select from gives an ultimate range of 0.5 to 24 Hz (30 to 1440 bpm)... all with millisecond precision!


Tap the TAPSYNC button once to conveniently re-sync the tremolo pulse without changing the speed. This is especially useful if you have previously set the right speed but the sync pulse isn't landing in the right place. This feature works in all modes (Manual, Tapsync and Expression).


The Liquid Tremolo has a Manual mode which controls the speed manually just like a traditional tremolo. The manual speed ranges from a lazy 1 Hz to a rapid 14 Hz (60 to 840 bpm).



Depth control is manual in all modes unless using the Expression input (see below). The depth ranges from a subtle 3 dB wash to a lush 30 dB intensity, but can also be plunged into 40 dB depth via the Depth Jump feature (see further on).


An expression pedal or 5V CV source can be used to control the speed or depth as you play, opening the door to a world of fluidic timing and intensity. Alternatively a 250k volume pedal can be used as a passive controller instead, even without a TRS 'Y' cable. The volume/expression pedal controls speed when the pedal is in Expression mode and controls depth when the pedal is in any of the Tapsync modes.


A simple setup procedure can be performed which can span the expression speed across the range of your choice, and in the direction of your choice (i.e. brake vs accelerator mode). Either Manual mode or Tapsync mode may be used for setting each end of the range. The setup characteristics are saved and remain in effect until the next time the setup procedure is performed. Note that the depth, however, is automatically spanned over the whole 3 to 30 dB range, with heel-down corresponding to minimum depth and toe-down corresponding to maximum depth.


Sync another pedal such as a TimeLine or receive sync from another source. Both polarities are supported.


There are eight wave contours to choose from to excite and energize your tone in different ways. From smooth & warm to hard & edgy and beyond to more exotic shapes, the Liquid Tremolo has a gorgeous palette of organic and luscious envelopes that need to be heard to be believed! A custom shape may also be loaded into the pedal according to your specification; your own unique signature sound embedded right there inside!



The Liquid Tremolo is full stereo input and output for those running a stereo rig! Both inputs and outputs can be run as dual-jacks or as single TRS. The pedal also works as mono-in / stereo-out for generating a stereo field from a mono signal, and of course two mono-to-mono paths can be achieved as well.



The Liquid Tremolo outputs two signals: the main (L) signal is in time with the pedal sync, the other (R) lags behind by an amount set via the STEREO FIELD preset on the back of the pedal. The stereo field can be varied from zero lag (mono) all the way to 180 degrees (ping-pong). Halfway (90 degrees) gives a mesmerizing and vibrant spatial stereo image that can only be described as dizzying!


Instead of an expression pedal plugged into the Expression socket, you may plug in a switch instead, which will double any speed setting on the SPEED knob whenever engaged. This gives you basic but very effective pattern control! When the pedal powers up, it detects whether the Expression input has an expression pedal / CV signal or a switch connected and makes the necessary decisions on how to treat the signal from it.


When using a switch in the Expression socket, an immediate intensity lift can be achieved when in any of the Tapsync modes. Simply hold down the switch to jump to an impressive 40 dB depth!



Perceived volume drop when using tremolo usually requires a volume knob to compensate... we've taken things a stage further and made it completely automatic and seamless no matter the depth setting or waveshape! The Liquid Tremolo looks at the depth setting and the chosen waveshape and calculates how much boost to apply to the output to make the volume level sound the same as the input volume level.



Hold down the tapsync switch for 1 sec to engage or release a pre-saved favorite parameter configuration (speed, depth, wave contour and stereo field). Each of the 4 parameters can be individually overriden by simply adjusting the controls.



The Liquid Tremolo has purely analog signal paths from inputs to outputs for superior signal purity, at no stage is your valuable tone digitized.


True-bypassing is taken one stage further by using high-quality latching signal relays with exceptionally low contact resistance to ensure transparent signal propagation when bypassed. Both inputs are true-bypassed to their respective outputs. Latching relays use zero current to hold their state which ensures no battery power is wasted.


The industry standard regulated 9Vdc via 2.1mm center-negative barrel connector is used. The Liquid Tremolo then boosts that internally to 17Vdc for superior headroom. Powering from a 9V PP3 battery (accessed internally) is also possible as the current draw is only 45mA. When using a battery, plugging a jack into the main (L) input turns the pedal on. (Note: Battery operation is not possible in TRS input mode)


The Liquid Tremolo now comes equipped with MIDI and responds to MIDI Clock messages as well as preset messages. No external interfacing box is needed, the Liquid Tremolo has all the MIDI circuitry inside. For a full list of MIDI functionality click on the MIDI Spec link above.


Precision BiFET op-amps are used throughout for their super low-noise JFET inputs and high output drive capability. Alps switches and pots ensure smooth parameter control. Film input caps help retain signal purity.


The top is arranged simply and clearly with timing on the right and shaping on the left. All sockets are conveniently placed at the back to reduce footprint width, and flush to reduce footprint depth.



The Liquid Tremolo has been designed with simplistic elegance in mind, distilling the very best benefits without unnecessary complexity into one compact unit. Each Liquid Tremolo is hand made, individually tested, and laser-engraved with a unique serial number. The Liquid Tremolo comes superbly presented in deluxe packaging and is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated 26-page instruction booklet.



Dimensions: 120 x 95 mm (4.75 x 3.75 inches)

Current draw: 45 mA

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