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Liquid Ambience

Atmospheric Reverb with polyphonic Voicing



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From deep sub-octave foundation layers to soaring super-octave shimmers, the Liquid Ambience seamlessly blends in beautiful lustre underneath your tone, ghosting your every move.


The Liquid Ambience brings two complex DSP concepts together in one elegant solution... Polyphonic Octave Generation and Hall Reverb. The strum-friendly polyphonic algorithm ensures perfect tracking, and seamlessly translates the entire input spectrum up and down the frequency scale.



The Voice control blends between octave and sub octave or alternatively blends between fifth and sub fifth.


An additional Bend mode gives you a slightly detuned note instead, either up or down in frequency from your input, introducing syrupy thickness to your tone. Adding recirculation to this produces a smooth continuous bend (see Evolve control). Setting Voice to 12 o’clock (pitch neutral) turns the Liquid Ambience into solely an atmospheric reverb.

 NEW  (Mono version only) 

Two new modulation modes have been added...

- Chorus/Vibrato trails with reverb surface filter

- Tremolo trails with morphing sustain



The reverb section provides luscious and spacious Hall type reverberation optimized for natural low frequency and high frequency damping. The Space knob controls the effective ‘size’ of the space, shaping the ambient density, tonal smear and rise & fall dynamics. In Octaves and Fifths modes some dry is also sent to the reverb to increase the ambient complexity.



In Oct/5th/Bend mode and Chorus/Vibrato mode the More switch recirculates much more of the signal, emphasizing the Evolve effect. At high Space settings in Bend mode and Chorus/Vibrato mode this slowly takes the effect into self-oscillation giving a rising intense sonic wash, eventually breaking up into Geiger-Müller territory. In Octaves and Fifths mode it accentuates the shimmery/synthy characteristic. In Tremolo mode the More switch acts as an evolving sustain.


DRY LOOP (Mono version only)

For versatility, the dry path that feeds into the final mix can be interrupted and looped through an external effect or effect chain (EG delay), for a more complex layered sound. Alternatively the SEND can be used on its own as a dry feed to a second chain if desired.


EXPRESSION INPUT (Stereo version only)

You can plug in an expression pedal or 5V control voltage to control the Voice knob remotely.



The Liquid Ambience is true-bypassed using a high quality latching signal relay to preserve signal chain integrity, but can be reconfigured via an internal switch to provide buffered bypass with trails for natural reverb decay when the effect is deactivated, should you prefer.



BiFET op-amps are used throughout for their super low noise JFET inputs and high output drive capability, film capacitors preserve input tone, Alps pots ensure smooth and clean parameter control. 


LA2 Rear.jpg


The unique Evolve control (Oct/5th/Bend mode) evolves the sound by recirculating a portion of the output back through for re-voicing. For octaves and fifths the sounds bloom up the frequency spectrum giving a shimmery kind of sound, smoothly smearing octaves on octaves (synthy sound) or fifths on fifths (‘crystals’). For sub octaves and sub fifths the sounds collapse or ‘melt’ down the frequency spectrum giving a deep gutsy decay trail to each note played. In Bend mode evolve takes your detuned note and turns it into a continuous bend up or down as it smoothly and continuously detunes.



The Mix control adjusts the wet level from zero to unity (same level as dry). An internal switch re-configures this control to balance wet & dry so that you can dial dry right out if you want (Mono version only). The Stereo version has an internal Killdry switch to remove dry. Note that the dry feed is a pure analog copy of the input to preserve the purity of the input and its valuable tone.



The Liquid Ambience, designed with simplistic elegance in mind, distils the very best benefits without unnecessary complexity into one compact unit. Each pedal is individually tested, and laser-engraved with a unique serial number. The Liquid Ambience comes superbly presented in deluxe packaging and is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated instruction booklet.






Dimensions: 120 x 95 mm (4.75 x 3.75 inches)

Current draw: 70 mA (Mono) 110 mA (Stereo)

Battery capability: Mono version only

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